Mumena 3

Vocational Training Mumena (Zambia)

DAPP Zambia started operation in Mumena in 1987 as a partnership with the United National Independence Party  Youth league. The first project implemented in Mumena was a youth development and production centre which was established on a 240-hector track of land given to DAPP by the local Chief. Activities were later handed over to the community until 2014 when DAPP returned to the centre and the surrounding communities with a Child Aid project which in 2018 reaches 1500 families and 8 schools. In 2017 DAPP also started to implement agriculture activities for income generation at the centre.

In June 2019 DAPP started to utilize the Mumena Centre to run vocational training for surrounding communities. The project in the first year is concentrating on mixed farming training courses which are combined with the agriculture production at the centre.

Project in Mumena is aimed at providing skills training which will enable students realize their full potential through innovative production and to make use of resources in their surroundings to create economic improvement in their own livelihood. The course will also give them a chance to offer their services in both the informal or formal sectors.

The project provides a 6-months Agriculture Training Course with a target of 30 students from the surrounding communities in the operation area. The training course offers a two-tier programme of mixed-farming learning theory, and is also closely linked to the existing Mumena Farm activities as part of their practical learning.

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