Ūkininkų k Zambija

The Farmers’ Clubs (Zambia)

The project of Farmers’ Clubs in Southern province of Zambia aims to reduce vulnerability and food security caused by climate change and associated hazards for small holder farmers.

The project is addressing the impacts of climate change the Southern Province of Zambia, which in the past rain season received half of the expected average rain fall. The project addresses challenges that come with climate change by empowering vulnerable rural small scale farmers by offering them access to an organised club life, including training sessions, model farming, field visits, low cost technical solutions, technical assistance, exchange of collectively gained experiences, crop insurance, links to micro finance and markets as well as internal saving among the club members.

The project is working with 10,835 farmers in 3 districts: Pemba, Namwala and Monze.  The project is implemented and managed by a team of 21 Project Leaders and 12 other staff. Each project leader works closely with a group of 500 farmers. The farmers are organised in Farmers’ Clubs with 40-60 farmers who meet monthly for lessons and support one another on key issues such as gardening. The farmers are given lessons by the Project Leaders in collaboration with the government Camp Extension Officer once every month.


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