Teacher Training College Maputo (Mozambique)

The Teacher training college in Maputo was established in 1993 with financial and technical support from the Federation Humana People to People to support the peace and progress in Mozambique and to contribute to the post-war recovery and development of the country, in particular in primary education in the rural areas.

The objective of the College is to train primary school teachers (grades 1-7) who are both passionate educators, actively promoting new approaches to teaching and learning, and capable of leading various community development initiatives in the rural areas in which they work, thereby giving the College graduates a central role in the forefront of developing primary school education in the country.

College has a series of activities to train the future teachers mainly in theoretical training of disciplines and didactics and in pedagogical practice including extra-curricular activities in direct contact with primary school pupils.

The College started the year 2019 with a total of 127 students.

Development projects