TCE Kinshasa – Tonga Nzoto (Congo)

The overall HIV prevalence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo) is low (1.2% UNAIDS) compared to the countries in Southern Africa, but there are still pockets in the population where the prevalence is much higher, and many HIV+ persons are not yet identified.

The project aims at stopping the spread of HIV&AIDS and support HIV positive persons to live a long healthy life with the virus. The project will be carried out in six health zones with a total population of 1,5 million people. The idea is to identify HIV positive children and adults, put them on treatment and reduce the viral load in each HIV+ person. The project contributes to the global goal of 95-95-95 which means that 95% of all HIV positive persons are identified, 95% of all HIV+ persons are on treatment and 95% of all on treatment have reduced their viral load.

The project will be implemented in six densely populated health zones in cooperation with 63 health clinics. The Field Officers in the field and the staff in the clinics will work together to find new HIV+ persons among the so-called key populations where the prevalence is higher than in the general population: male and female sex workers, intravenous drug users, and adolescent girls

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