Tce gaza z

TCE Gaza, Zambezia and Niassa (Mozambique)

ADPP Mozambique has been implementing TCE projects in Mozambique since 2001, reaching out to more than 5 million people, in order to reduce the risk of HIV infection and to mobilise all individuals and communities, and also to involve them in the fight against this epidemic.

TCE Gaza, Zambezia and Niassa, also called PASSOS, project through ADPP Mozambique has the responsibility to ensure that all Sex Working Women have complete, adequate and equal access to HIV prevention methods and products, and HIV testing and treatment services, guided by the principle of health for all and human rights in the provinces of Gaza, Niassa and Zambezia.

The project also ensures the increase in demand for Health Units of reference in the key and priority population (female sex workers, regular partners, clients of sex workers, adolescents and young people at high risk of contracting HIV and STIs and children of sex workers).

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