Many charitable organisations and companies in Europe and USA are collecting second-hand clothes, which are often of high quality, as people discard them before they are worn out. The sorting centres buy second hand clothing direct from the clothes collection from suppliers in Europe and USA. The clothes bought includes all sorts of categories, seasons, styles, fashion and wear and tear. The margin in the sorting process lays in finding the optimal future use and market for each segment of the clothes. Used clothing, footwear, toys, home textiles are sorted into more than three hundred categories that differ in quality, value, appearance, purpose, seasonality, branding, fashion, novelty, particular customer needs, etc., using the expertise and know-how built up during more than 20 years of operation. Each category is then sold in its optimal market.

The sorting centres sell sorted goods in the group’s own shops, and they export it to African market or Asian markets. Lower qualities goods are sold for recycling into another product or used as raw material for an industrial process. Only 5% of sorted second hand goods constitute waste that cannot be recycled.

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