Improving detection and care of children and young girls living with HIV (Mozambique)

Improving detection and care of missing children and young girls living with HIV“, also known in the local Manica language as “Kushinga”, which means courage, is a community-based project aimed at improving the screening and identification of children and adolescents living with HIV (CLHIV) outside the National Health System to integrate them in care and treatment services.

The project will be implemented in Bárue and Sussundenga Districts of Manica Province from January 2020 to December 2022.  This 3 year project aims to test 27,601 high- risk children and young girls and enroll around 1,571 infected patients on treatment/PMTCT during the project period.

The project will network with community leaders, teaching institutions and critical community stakeholders and mobilize them through multipronged, innovative approaches to reach the high-risk children and girls and link them to the local health facilities for HIV testing and treatment initiation if found to be infected. This will contribute to achieve the 90% targets of testing and treatment initiation among high-risk children and young girls in the implementation districts.

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