Hope HIV prevent

HOPE Youth HIV Prevention (Zambia)

HOPE Youth HIV Prevention is an HIV/AIDS epidemic control project, with the main goal to reduce new HIV infections and avert AIDS and TB related deaths. It is now in its second year having started in 2018, after signing a contract with Churches Association of Zambia.

The project works with 12 Sub-recipients in implementing project activities aimed at prevention of HIV and Tuberculosis infection. The project manages Support Groups for people living with HIV, In and Out of School Youth Clubs, Community Health Workers and Local Leaders.

The prevention activities are implemented in 12 districts in Central and Copperbelt Provinces in partnership with Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Community Development and Social Services, communities, schools, support groups and the District AIDS Task Forces. The overall objective is to contribute to Epidemic Control in Zambia and help for 60 000 beneficiaries.

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