HOPE Maputo (Mozambique)

HOPE project started in Beira in 1998, expanding to Maputo in 2002, Beluluane in 2004 and in Machava in 2005. Machava is run as a multi-purpose center and offers Voluntary Counseling and Testing. In 2015, the project expanded the community counseling and testing activities and introduced the Index Case approach for the reduction of risk for families who consent to being contacted and tested for HIV and promote treatment adherence. This was funded by JHPIEGO and Ariel Glaser.

The project seeks to reduce the risk of exposure to HIV by mobilizing individuals & communities in the fight against HIV/AIDS through free voluntary counseling& HIV-testing (using index case family approach) contributing to treatment adherence and retention in newly enrolled patients, through provision of anti-retroviral treatment adherence counseling, TB screening, Gender Based Violence and Malnutrition screening. The project gives special attention to pregnant women, discordant couples and children as they are among the vulnerable groups.

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