HOPE Humana (South Africa)

In South Africa, the Humana organisation implements the HOPE program, which  was established in response to the consequences of the HIV and AIDS, and a TB pandemic in the community. The program is building a solid network, including clinics and other local HIV and AIDS and TB programs.

The aim of the HOPE program in South Africa is to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS and TB, to provide psychosocial support, and to offer care and support to the infected and the affected people in poor rural communities, townships and informal settlements. The program further focuses on adolescent young women and girls. It is important to improve the life of young women and girls, as it has been reported that the highest rate of HIV infection in South Africa is found amongst young women and girls.

In 2019 a total number of 7,778 people were referred for health testing services. The program conducted follow-ups on clients who tested positive and linked them to health care facilities for them to get treatment and to be monitored. The program reached out directly to 44,519 people with information on health through door-to-door home visits and health talks in health facilities.

Through partnership with the Department of Health, the program distributed a total number of 1,346,214 condoms. Condoms were distributed during: 1) community dialogues; 2) district networking meetings; and 3) health and welfare jamborees; and also through condom outlets.

The program also conducted three health campaigns in the community. The aim of the campaigns was to address health issues affecting the community, especially on medical male circumcision.

The program consists of four projects: “Hope Abaqulusi”, “Hope Bushbuckridge”, “Hope Mopani”, and “Hope uPhongola”, which are implemented in 2 provinces.

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