HOPE Bindura (Zimbabwe)

The project was established in 1998 as a direct response to the HIV and AIDS pandemic that was facing the country.

The project focus on HIV and related diseases. Its aim is to support people affected and infected with HIV, TB and Cancer. HOPE Bindura is guided by 3 main lines which are Health Services, Outreach and Opinion Forming.  Health Services include HIV testing, cancer, TB and malaria screening and treatment which are offered through referrals to nearby health centres. Outreach entails education support to people in the community so that they have an improved understanding of HIV and related diseases. Outreach activities promote treatment and support, like campaigns of different forms with different themes, community home-based care, support group and TRIO formation among other activities. Opinion-forming meetings entail activities that promote dialogue and advocacy, as they are conducted with different community groups, such as leaders, youth or religious groups.

The project works in 12 wards of Bindura Urban, 23 farms along Mazowe River, 5 wards in Nyava and 5 in Manhenga. In 2019 HOPE Bindura reached 42,000 people through a variety of its activities guided by the themes of the three periods of the year.

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