Bahia Sul

Farmers’ Clubs – Sul da Bahia (Brazil)

In 2013, Humana Brazil started the Farmers’ Clubs program in Sisal territory of Brazil. The project focuses on income raising through sustainable agriculture practices and job creation in the target communities by processing units and locally marketing these products.

Fishermen from this area suffer from poor access to appropriate techniques and investment funds, as well as strong pressure on their workplaces, arising mainly from tourism activities in the region. The project involves fishermen in an organised Club Life, including elements such as training sessions, model fishing, field visits, low cost sustainable solutions, technical assistance, and exchange of collectively gained experiences, technical assistance and much more.

The activities of the project include monthly club meetings, seminars, fishermen visits, networking, training (workshops and courses), and participation in fairs. The result is that those fishermen acquire skills to further their production, thus being able to improve their economy and their livelihood, and to gain knowledge to break new ground for themselves and their families.

The project directly reaches 970 fishermen from 12 municipalities.

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