Farmers’ Clubs Southern FC (Equador)

Farmers’ Clubs Southern FC is a comprehensive program to train about 2,250 small-scale farmers in sustainable agricultural practices and to equip these farmers with knowledge, which they can use to adjust to the ever-changing conditions. The project provides low cost sustainable solutions, technical assistance and exchange of collectively gained experiences, personal assistance and much more to help the farmers improve their production.

In 2019 Humana People to People Equador started 4 more farmers’ clubs projects together with the local governments in the provinces of Loja and Zamora Chinchipe in southeastern part of Ecuador. The projects are contributing to food security for all the small farmers, but especially the indigenous farmers, through the creation of agricultural production units that ensures self-sufficiency and the generation of extra economic resources for the small farmers and their families.

The main objective of the Farmers’ Clubs project is to improve the life quality of life for the small farmers. Each participant receives training in techniques that will improve production and lower production cost breeding as well as small animal husbandry. Marketing and sales techniques, preparation of meals to sell in kiosks, as well as generation of demonstration plots for showing the farmers in real that the goals for the Clubs is attainable.

This project includes several components related to the organization of the farmers into clubs and promotion of sustainable community integration which result to food security and self-sufficiency. This includes actions such as the provision of tools and inputs to the farmers with technical assistance, production of organic fertilizer to enhance the soil and remove the role of the chemical fertilizer, increase and diversify the farmers’ production, processing and marketing of the farmers’ agricultural products such as chicken, pigs, sheep, tilapia as well as varieties of vegetables and fruits.


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