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Farmers’ Clubs – Laos

Humana Farmers’ Clubs started along with a Child Aid project from 2011–2015, which involved 2,279 families in 14 villages in Bolikhamxay Province, and a new project from 2015–2017, with 1,000 families involved in a Child Aid program and 1,000 families involved in a Farmers’ Clubs program. In a Consortium with Health Poverty Action (HPA) and the Department of Health in Khammouane Province, Humana People to People signed a partnership contract for 2018–2020 with EU in August 2017. The Partnership’s title is “Increased Resilience and Improved Food and Nutrition Security of Vulnerable Communities in Khammouane Province, Lao PDR”.

The Farmers’ Clubs project in Khammouane Province and seeks to mobilise, train and organise 5,000 farmers and their families in Khammouane Province. The aim is that the farmers enhance the agricultural production, increase food security and improve their living standard. The program teaches farmers to be efficient in food production, to create a surplus and to sell the produce. It introduces low cost solutions and low technological farming methods, providing financial support systems to trigger the process of economic development. It improves the overall living conditions of the farmer families within nutrition, health, disease prevention and sanitation.

The project targets farmers in 100 villages of 6 districts and supports them to increase food security and enhance protection against lean seasons, increase yields, diversify their crops, increase income from cash crops and adopt climate-smart agricultural practices. The Farmers are organised in Clubs of 50, with 5 Core groups in each Club. The project will focus especially on changing the nutritional status of mothers of child-bearing age and children under five years of age.

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