Farmers’ Clubs Dongo (Congo)

This project aims to increase food security in the Kungu territory in Sud Ubangi province to become productive producers. The project will be implemented in Dongo, Mobambo and Imese for a period of five years. The project will organize 4000 people, one per household, into 80 farmers’ clubs, each with 50 members.

The project will start in January 2020 and finish December 2024. In Years 1 and 2 Humana will distribute agricultural inputs for the farmers’ clubs (improved seeds and cuttings, improved poultry and goat, grinding mills) ensuring that they are in the process of acquiring the skills to effectively manage these inputs.

From Year 3 the farmers will start moving towards self- sufficiency. By Year 4 they will have reached a level where they have surplus production and will already have started implementing ways to create added value and improve marketing networks.

The Farmers’ Club project will be piloted by one project leader and two deputies. The three leaders will be in charge of 16 agricultural instructors, each of whom will work on a daily basis with 250 farmers. This will help the farmers’ structure how they work together and how they interact with the local authorities in the project zone. The organization and interaction among the farmers will contribute to successfully increase food production and support cooperation across the ethnic and property ownership lines that have divided the community in earlier conflicts.

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