Farmers’ Club Nutrition (Zambia)

This project is an expansion of an existing Farmers’ Club activities by starting another project in Eastern Province. The initial project started in August 2014 in Southern Province, with a design phase, while the actual implementation commenced in 2015 with 500 farmers in Pemba district in two Agriculture camps.

The project expanded to Monze and Namwala districts at the end of 2017. The expansion brought the total membership to 10, 835 Farmers’ Club members in the three districts.

The project aims to address issues to do with promotion of diversified agriculture, access to viable and functional markets, managing of food waste, knowledge gaps as well as promotion of feeding practices and nutrition situation. It is expected to contribute, in the long term, to enhanced food and nutrition situation in the targeted districts.

In 2020 the project is going to work with 12,500 farmers 2020 and 80 schools. The project will be implemented in Katete, Petauke, Nyimba and Lundazi in Eastern Province as well as Monze and Namwala in Southern Province. In Namwala district the activities will only focus on nutrition education and home-grown school feeding program.

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