Fighting HIV in Guinea Bissau

The TCE (Total Control of Epidemics) Guinea-Bissau program is a four-year program to contribute to the prevention, care, and treatment of HIV/Aids among the Guinea-Bissau Armed Forces and their respective families. To share knowledge and tools to take control of HIV, the TCE program is organized as a military campaign, being led under the maxim: “Only the people can liberate themselves from HIV, the epidemic, others can only assist”.

The program has six main components: Management, Care and Treatment, HIV Testing, Prevention, Strengthening Laboratory Capacities, and the Military Health Policy. In this effort, ADPP Guinea Bissau, national Humana People to People movement member organization, is working with the Ministry of Defense of Guinea Bissau, the Ministry of Health, and the National AIDS Secretariat. In 2023, the campaign covers three territorial regions: Bissau, Mansoa, Gabu, and Buba.