People’s Vaccine Alliance news for Feb. 2022

Humana People to People (HPP) is sharing some of the People’s Vaccine Alliance’s published news articles, which are calling for equity, not for profit and availability of the COVID-19 doses everywhere.

COVID-19 pandemic is still within our midst; we are yet to cross over to the other side of the river. HPP network is receiving news of numbers surging and stabilizing in various corners of the world, clear signs that the world cannot vaccinate a few and leave others exposed.

There is compilation of a selected few news pieces which constitute the following main published articles:

  1. Do not worry about drug industry profiteering an argument for policy makers to prioritize public health over private monopolies in the debate around global access to vaccines.
  2. EU set to bin 25 million more vaccine doses than it has donated to Africa this year – an OXFAM Press Release in the wake of the EU-Africa Union Heads of State Meeting.
  3. Germany’s BioNTech plans modular vaccine factories in Africa – Some promising developments, however to be taken with reservation.
  4. HIV or COVID-19, inequity is deadly – a piece written by UNAIDS Executive Secretary, Winnie Byanyima.
  5. Prospects for local manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines in Africa – Currently Africa imports 99% of its vaccines.
  6. Putting big pharma in charge of global vaccine rollout was a big mistake – in 2021 Pfizer raked in $37 billion dollars in revenue making it the most lucrative medicine in history.
  7. Vaccine access puts EU and Africa at odds ahead of summit – EU sticks to protecting pharmaceutical business whilst Africa demands waiver of patents rights.

These articles are meant to be shared as the COVID-19 advocacy messages on social media sites so that we continue calling for what is right – vaccine equality.