DAPP Mkushi Teacher Training College (Zambia)

Humana in Zambia runs the College of Education in Mkushi with the specific goal to train teachers with a heart for rural development and skills to manage life in rural areas, where recruitment of teachers is neither efficient nor equitable. In Zambia urban areas have more teachers employed, while rural areas have few and have challenges in retaining those positions. Due to the persistence of this challenge over the years, it is evident that teacher shortages in rural schools cannot be relieved merely through supplying more teachers, but that a different training and a set of unique skills must be offered to counter the unwillingness of teachers to live and work in rural areas.

The Mkushi College of Education offers a 3-year Primary School Diploma course and is affiliated with the University of Zambia, with full accreditation from Teaching Council of Zambia.

The College trains teachers for rural primary schools (grade 1 to 7), where demand for teachers is very high and where there are many children in need of education.

The teachers are trained to be at the forefront of improving primary school education through new attitudes and knowledge about learning, as well as developing the communities they work in with many different activities. The program is designed to ensure higher quality of primary education for children in rural areas.

Due to the unique training curriculum offered at the College and vast experiences gained from local and international travels, teachers trained here have a wider understanding of the needs in rural schools and to offer practical solutions, as well as improvise resources when unavailable, thereby ensuring access to quality education, as has been shown in the schools were they practice.

In 2018 the college had 130 students and experienced 100% pass rate during the exam in which 36 students graduated. In 2019 the College has 171 students.

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