DAPP Community Schools (Zambia)

In 2016 DAPP in Zambia started Community Schools Project in interactive teaching skills in 6 Child Aid projects (Chibombo, Lukanga, Mkushi, Mpika, Kasama and Mungwi) working with the Rodger Federer Foundation in Partnership with the Lead Local Organization called Reformed Open Community Schools (ROCS) reaching 380 community schools and 630 Teachers. The project was initially combined with the Community School Project that has run for 3 years and was in the final year – focusing on many elements within the community schools.

Now the idea of the project is to improve education for children attending community schools in North-western, Central and Southern Provinces. The focus is to build capacity in the Community School Teachers by offering them training in interactive teaching methodology in order to improve the quality of education in the community schools.

The project made significant headway in making the teachers fetch and use teaching materials from local materials collected from the surrounding environment with the help of learners. Teachers are encouraged to use local materials when conducting the lessons. The project also aimed at providing learners with an opportunity of getting educated through interaction with the teacher.

In 2019, the DAPP Community Schools Project worked with 9 new districts in 64 zones of 3 Provinces of Zambia. A total number of 881 community school teachers were oriented and enrolled in the project. During the first part of 2019 the project reached a total of 46,296 learners in 266 community schools through the teachers who as a result of the course will provide improve teaching methods.

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