Community Project for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS (Angola)

The HIV prevention project builds on a previous project that reached 22,500 girls and young women in Benguela, Huila and Cunene provinces. The current project began in December 2018 and it consists of three components:

  • Prevention of HIV/AIDS among adolescent girls and young women;
  • Adherence program: Prevention of Mother‐to‐ Child Transmission of HIV;
  • Adherence program: ART and mutual support groups.

Now the project is being implemented in Benguela, Luanda, Huila, Cunene and Cuando Cubango provinces. In each of the five provinces, the work will be implemented by a Project Leader, an assistant and a group of activists.

In this current phase, the ADPP Angola project gives priority to reaching out to schoolgirls and young women. The goal in year 1 is to mobilise 25,000 adolescent girls and young women in each province to participate in the “Bancadas” (groups), and that 60% of these (15,000) are outside the education system.

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