Climate Centre (Congo)

The Climate Center in Mbankana started in the beginning of 2019. The idea of the project is to combine protection of the environment with healthy food production and education of the local community. The center is neighbor to HPP-Congo’s teacher training college in Mbankana and is situated on 5 hectares of land and produces food for the school and plants trees for environment protection.

The climate center will continue in 2020 with the three main activities: Tree Planting, Vegetable Production and Small Husbandry (poultry and goats). The staff, and sometimes in collaboration with local workers, will run the agricultural activities at the center and organize the tree planting.

The staff will plant orange trees, acacia trees for shadow, mango and safoutiers (a local fruit), first in nurseries and later in the field. The center will produce potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, spinach and gombo (a local legume). A small production of poultry will be extended once the center has found a way to minimize the cost of chicken feeds, so the poultry production can increase. It is the goal to find a solution during 2020.

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