Childrens’ Town Malambayama (Zambia)

Children’s Town Malambanyama was established in 1990 providing skills training and rehabilitation of former street children. The project also offers basic education to vulnerable children from the neighbouring villages. It is primarily funded by the Child Welfare Fund.

The objective of the Children’s Town Malambanyama, Malambanyama is to move children away from the streets and provide them with skills to enable them take up healthy and productive lives. The project further provides basic education for vulnerable children from the surrounding communities.

The project in 2019 had 476 pupils with 82 of them being boarding students and former street children, while the remaining came from the surrounding communities.

In 2020, 486 pupils will be reached with the school programme, with 95 of them being former street children, and the remaining from the surrounding communities. Another group of 60 be in vocational training, making a total of 546.

The Children’s Town Malambanyama will continue to run the basic education from preschool to grade 9, with the Practical Theoretical Education (PTE) for Grades 7 to 9, in which it integrates former street children. 95 former street children will be rehabilitated and trained through the PTE programme, as well as through vocational skills.

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