Chimio 2

Children’s School Chimoio (Mozambique)

The Children’s School Chimoio started in 1993, soon after the signing of the peace agreement ending the civil war in Mozambique. Its objective was to provide support and an access to education for orphans and abandoned street children in the City of Chimoio in a time when many children had lost their parents due to the Civil War.

Today the objective of the Children’s School Chimoio is to offer access to primary education to orphans and vulnerable children in Chimoio City (Manica Province).  The school curriculum is aligned with the national primary school curriculum (grades 1-7) but runs a number of additional extra-curricular activities such as workshops and brick making, agriculture, animal herding, dance, music and theatre in order to provide the children with various relevant life skills.

The project started the year 2019 with 402 pupils, 8 teachers distributed in 9 classes and 9 non-pedagogical personnel. From the pupils, 192 are girls and 210 are boys, 280 are orphans of father, mother or both. 160 girls and 120 boys are at social risk. The school welcomes everyone and gives them a favourable education in order to prepare them to face their future life.

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