Child Aid Mumena (Zambia)

DAPP started operation in Mumena in 1987 as a partnership with the United National Independence Party (UNIP) Youth league. UNIP at the time was the party that was in charge of the government of the republic of Zambia. The first project implemented in Mumena was the establishment of a youth development and production centre which was established on a 240-hector track of land given to DAPP by the local Chief. Activities were later handed over to the community until 2014 when DAPP returned to the centre and the surrounding communities with a Child Aid project supported by HITACHI. The project has since covered 8 Child Aid lines. The partnership with HITACHI was completed in 2017 and in 2018 and 2019 continued with other funding from Teddy Spa.

The Child Aid Mumena Project aims at improving the living conditions of children in the areas surrounding the DAPP Mumena Centre in Kalumbila District of the North Western Province. Working along the 10 Child Aid Project Lines, activities focus on the overall wellbeing of member families and communities to improve their economy, provide food security and health, as well as education for children.

In 2020 the project will  continue its operations in 20 additional VAGs and support 1,500 families organised in Village Action Groups/ Youth Clubs and Women Clubs. The project will in the year focus on improved infrastructure and water and sanitation activities in health facilities and continue with existing activities in the communities.

The project will further run farming productions at the DAPP centre and invite families from the surrounding communities for open days for interactive learning activities.

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