CA Guruwe

Child Aid Mt Darwin, Guruve and Mutasa (Zimbabwe)

Child Aid Mt Darwin, Guruve and Mutasa commenced in September 2018 with the aim of complementing activities supported by the Department of Social Welfare, which has the responsibility for the welfare of children.

The idea of the project is to empower communities with basic essential skills in the areas of health, education, agriculture and food security. The project reaches families in the resettlement and old communal areas of the districts who have challenges regarding education, health, and nutrition and food security. Child Aid Mt Darwin, Guruve and Mutasa is a community-based project involving 3,766 families with the aim of building the capacity of families and their communities to improve their children’s lives. Families are organised into groups of 20–30 families called Village Action Groups (VAGs), where they address a range of community development issues, thus creating greater opportunities for children.

In 2019 the project worked with 3,766 families, 150 Village Action Groups and 150 VAG coordinators. Child Aid’s activities have continued to be focussed on five thematic lines namely: food security; health; hygiene; children without parents; and strengthening the economy of the family and youths. These activities have contributed to rural poverty reduction and livelihood enhancement.

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