Child Aid Malueka and Kimbwala (Congo)

The general objective is to improve Family Planing (FP) services and strengthen sexual and reproductive health. To reach this objective, the project will carry out a number of actions that seek to break down cultural, economic and social barriers that prevent women to use accessing FP services. Child Aid Malueka and Kimbwala works with 4,000 families in two health zones in the eastern part of Kinshasa. The families in each health zone are organized in Family Action Groups who meet two times for lessons and actions. The project has particular focus on young women and men to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies. Five clinics are partners in the project and provide Family Planning (FP) Services to the families.

Besides learning about modern FP methods the families are trained in financial literacy so they can more easily cover the costs of modern FP interventions.

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