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Child Aid Ecuador

Child Aid Ecuador started in December 2011 with a few resources, working with 50 families producing vegetable from their gardens in the parish of La Victoria, in the municipality of Macar√°. In 2012, it expanded to include 1,160 children in preschools and childcare units. During 2013 and 2017, there was an expansion to include other municipalities, banana farms and other activities such as poultry and pig production as well as gardening and community banking. In 2019, Child Aid Ecuador was located in 4 provinces and worked with low income and vulnerable populations of the communities in rural and urban sectors.

The main objectives of the project are improving the quality of life of women, families and the vulnerable population of the community, through sustainable production practices and income generating projects; strengthening the food security and the economy of families; and implementing comprehensive child development services in Child Development Centres.

The Project staff members are working actively with 3,503 families, which are organised in 82 Family action groups.  The project has several public and private partners, including ministries, local governments and municipalities as well as embassies, which contribute to achievement of the project objectives in financial and technical manners.

Development Projects