kwanza Sul

ADPP Teacher Training School Kwanza Sul (Angola)

The Teacher Training School Kwanza Sul initiated activities in 2009, as a result of a partnership between the Ministry of Education, the European Union and ADPP Angola. The first team began studying in the same year, while construction of the school continued into 2010.

The concept of the project is to train young people to become exceptional primary school teachers, specifically for rural areas. Trainees and graduates from this School bring new attitudes and knowledge to the classroom, and the capacity to promote community development on a range of fronts.

The project reaches community members in the neighbourhood of rural schools where 3rd Year students implement micro projects, in addition to local people, where 1st and 2nd Year students carry out community activities.

Local communities around the school benefit from the many actions and activities undertaken by both students and teachers, and the close collaboration with the local authorities, including the departments of education and of culture, has an important repercussion with respect to the effect of these events.

With the graduation of 92 students in January 2019, the total number of qualified primary teachers to emerge from The school is 600, of whom 249 are female.

Development projects