Huambo 3

ADPP Teacher Training School Huambo (Angola)

ADPP Teacher Training School Huambo started in 1995, as the first School for the Teachers of the Future in Angola. The concept of the project is to train young Angolans to become primary school teachers, specifically for rural areas where they can be in the forefront of educational development.

In addition to pre-service training, the school contributes to improved education in the province in many ways, for example, by holding pedagogical development meetings with local in-service teachers and stakeholders from the educational authorities.

The project reaches community members in the neighbourhood of rural schools where 3rd Year students implement micro-projects, in addition to people living in the neighbourhood of Teacher Training School Huambo, where 1st and 2nd Year students carry out community activities.

2019, 77 students graduated after completing three years of study and brought the total number of graduates to 1,311. 40 of the new graduates are female.

Development projects