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ADPP Teacher Training School Bié (Angola)

The construction of Teacher Training School Bié began in 2005, and the first team started in August 2006 with 86 students. The startup of the school was financed by the Norwegian Embassy in Angola. The Teacher Training School Bié is located in Catabola, to the northeast of Cuito, in Bié Province.

Students are having an important impact on the teaching of primary pupils, at local schools as well as at more remote, rural schools. The overall impression is that the program is unique in being able to meet the needs of the population, children included, in rural areas.

The communities benefitting from the project have expressed great admiration for it, and for the way the students develop in terms of strength, humanity, experience, activity and creativity. The students themselves are passionate about the program.

In January 2019, 91 new teachers graduated, bringing the number of graduates to 913, 338 of whom are female.

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