ADPP Teacher Training College Nametil (Angola)

The Teacher Training College Nametil was opened in January 2009 and implements a 1-year teacher-training program aligned with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education. The College trains primary school teachers (grades 1-7), who are actively promoting new approaches to teaching and learning, and capable of leading various community development initiatives in the rural areas in which they work, thereby giving the graduates a central role in the forefront of developing primary school education in the country.

The College uses modern teaching methods which place the student in the center of his/her own learning process. This approach is later adopted by the student when teaching children and translates into a holistic, child-centered approach involving the parents in the education of the children and in the development of the whole community.

The College is located in Mogovolas District, Nampula Province, northern Mozambique. Up to now a total of 1,370 teachers had graduated from the College most of which are now working in the rural primary schools in Nampula province. In 2019, the College reached the goal of 150 students, composed of 73 women and 77 men.

Development projects