Bahia Pesca

Social Development for Inland Fishing Communities (Angola)

The main idea of the project is to organize and train families to improve their living conditions. The project also provides literacy training, raise awareness on number of issues, and create savings groups in selected communities.

The project aims to organize beneficiaries and equip them with the non-technical knowledge and skills necessary to reinvest at the desired levels in their commercial aquaculture and small-scale fisheries activities, in order to maintain desired levels of production and productivity throughout the time.

The project focuses on aquaculture in 10 communities in Malanje and fisheries management in three lagoons in the provinces of Luanda, Bengo and Kwanza Norte, one in each province, corresponding to 12 communities, thus making a total of 22 communities to work with.

In 2019 The Fishing Communities project reached more than 4,800 people with almost 2,500 of them being direct beneficiaries.

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