TTC Niassa

ADPP Teacher Training College Niassa (Angola)

The Teacher Training College Niassa was established in 1998 in the buildings of a former military camp. The buildings, together with 500 ha of land, were offered by the Provincial Government to ADPP Mozambique for teacher training purposes on the basis of a 50-year contract. In 1999, the Embassy of Ireland financed the construction of new buildings and the College moved there in July 2001.

The objective of the Teacher Training College of Niassa is to train primary school teachers (grades 1-7) who are both passionate educators, actively promoting new approaches to teaching and learning, and capable of leading various community development initiatives in the rural areas in which they work, thereby giving the TTC graduates a central role in the forefront of developing primary school education in the country.

By increasing the number of qualified and multi-skilled primary school teachers in the country the college contributes to the efforts of the Government of Mozambique to improve the quality of primary school education for all children in Mozambique.

In this school year, the college enrolled 146 trainees (73 women), distributed in 6 groups composed of 24 to 25 students in each class, assisted by 18 teachers.

Development projects