Farmers’ Clubs – Mutasa (Zimbabwe)

The Farmers’ Clubs Mutasa project is an extension in support of results of the DAPP-UNEP-10YFP Trust Fund partnership project that was implemented from January 2017 to December 2018. Since the normal Farmers’ Clubs concept requires a 3-year cycle, DAPP Zimbabwe engaged in partnership with GAIA as the key partner and other Humana partners to support the last year of the cycle.

The project works in line with current developments in agriculture on rural communities of Zimbabwe. The project compliments the Government of Zimbabwe goals to revive the economy and eradicate poverty through Agriculture. The project aims to achieve the same goals with the communal farmers.

The idea of the project is to establish and maintain Farmers’ Clubs for 1,000 communal farmers in wards 11, 17 and 19, supporting them in their quest to farm effectively and sufficiently from their land to obtain food security for their families, and to earn cash by selling their products on the market. Small-scale farmers are offered support to access loans. They take part in organised club life, where they are trained through model farming, field visits, low cost technical solutions, technical assistance, exchange of collectively gained experiences and personal assistance. The project builds upon experiences gained by a previous Farmers’ Clubs in the area.

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