Farmers’ Clubs – Ecuador

The Farmers’ Clubs project in Ecuador is running in Yantzaza Canton, Zamora Chinchipe province. This is in the southern part of Ecuador, in the Amazon rainforest, where it rains almost every day.

The project aims to train small-scale farmers in sustainable agricultural practices and to equip the farmers with knowledge they can use to adjust to the changing conditions. The project provides low cost sustainable solutions, technical assistance, and exchange of collectively gained experiences, personal assistance and much more to help the farmers improve their production.

Each participant of each club receives training in the breeding and handling of small animals, marketing and sales techniques, preparation of meals to sell at kiosks, as well as visits with demonstrations of techniques that will improve production and lower production costs.

The focus of the project is to help family farming add value to the production chain and to motivate the families to protect the environment, as well as improving their diet and nutrition.

The project works with 400 small-scale farmers, organised into 7 clubs of between 15 and 160 members. Farmers will produce enough on their land to obtain food security for their families as well as generating income by processing and marketing their products in the local market.

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