Dourados 1

Community Development – Dourados (Brazil)

The Community Development project is being  implemented in 7 municipalities of Dourados region, where indigenous people suffer from lack of access to good quality water and are vulnerable to various diseases.

The main idea of the project is to implement 605 water-harvesting technologies (592 for families and 13 for schools); and to support indigenous Guaraní people in their quest for drinking water of good quality, and food security.

The main objective of the project in 2019 is to install 605 water-harvesting systems in the community and provide access to safe water for personal and collective use. The project also helps to establish the first vegetable gardens and fruit orchards for the community. The beneficiaries receive food aid from the government and there is far too little support for them to grow their own food. The project directly reaches out to 592 Families, 5 villages and 13 schools.

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