Campp Luca

Child Aid Camp Luka (Congo)

Camp Luka is a densely populated, poor district of Kinshasa. The vast majority of Camp Luka residents eke out a living from informal trade or services; very few play a part in the formal economy. Many residents, women in particular, have little or no formal schooling, and there are few learning possibilities for the children and young people in these areas.

Humana organisation in Congo provides skills and literacy training to young women, who also learn entrepreneurship and how to better manage their income-generating activity.

The project in Camp Luka organises people to work together to improve the conditions in the community where their children will grow up, with the aim of giving the children a chance to reach their full potential. The project works with young people and families to improve their quality of life and their chances for the future.

Child Aid will reach the families in Camp Luka via “Parent Schools” and through community campaigns and Open House events. During the mid-period of 2019: the project directly reached more than 2,000 young people.

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